Social Media Thoughtlessness

For the past few years now I've endured what I consider to be "cancerous" social media posts and new forms of hoaxing which usually remained within Facebook but as of lately has spread to LinkedIn a social media platform which is aimed at being more professional.

I'm unsure if I'm seeing it across more networks now because my network size has increased or that maybe people are becoming more comfortable with these social media actions "like" and "share" so much so that they've lost their meaning.

So many posts are thoughtlessly liked and shared so much so that browser add-ons/extensions were created to block or replace certain content that many deemed unnecessary.

Technology inept or gullible?

When there's new technology, sites or games there will always be forms of hoaxing/scamming with it. Over and over I'm seeing Facebook Like Farming which appeal to human emotions to gain page likes. Commonly these pages are then sold off and you'll wind up seeing a post from a page you swear you never liked.

derp4Greed could be a factor in our quick actions because lots of people are convinced Apple, BMW and other big companies give away hundreds of thousands to anyone online for just liking their new Facebook Pages and sharing their "Give away" posts.

So what's the solution here? Should social media companies be handling this in a better way? Or should we be educating ourselves about technology a bit more before using it?



Think before you do! Using Google to find out more and sites like Hoax-Slayer are great for myth busting.

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