Tom Rothwell

I'm a Full Stack Web Developer based in Sydney, Australia available for hire. This site contains my thoughts on anything and everything... in-particular experiences within the engineering world. I've a passion for electronic music mainly listening to trance which helps me create and focus on tricky problems.

Languages include but not limited to PHP, JavaScript, SQL, HTML & CSS. Experienced in many frameworks & Content Management Systems some of the popular being CakePHP, Laravel, Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery, Drupal and WordPress.

Other avenues I commonly explore would be Mobile Development and Security Research.


Throughout the years I've founded and self-funded several of my own ideas not necessarily for the money but for the love discovering and building an idea into a tangible or most commonly (digital world) an intangible product.

Having even the most basic programming skills changes the way you approach problems not only in a pragmatical way but in all areas of life.

The sense of achievement gained from taking an idea and producing a product with your programming skills is like non other.